Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to You, Weston!

Happy Birthday to Weston!
Thought you might enjoy access to some pictures from your past birthdays.Can you believe that you were ever this tiny? May 16, 1983It's a good thing your grandparents love you. Your parents the students didn't have enough money to give you much for your first birthday. Fortunately, at that age it really doesn't matter!It seemed everyone thought you ought to start learning your letters the year you turned 2.
It looks like every other year you got something to ride outside!
The next year it was time for some inside toys.
You had your first "friend" party when you turned 5! Isn't it nice that David's one of your friends?
6 years old - the year of the "Whiz Kid"7 years old - someone likes chocolate cake8 years old - old friends in a new house9 years old - the piƱata in the basement10 years old - time for a Sunday birthday11 years old - Super Nintendo surprise!12 years old - and still loving chocolate!
(Okay ran out of time to scan pictures. But we need to save something for next year.)

Have an absolutely wonderful time celebrating your birthday.
We know you will because you have Megan around to make sure that happens. Thanks so much Megan!


Meg said...

This is actually Weston...

I didn't realize that my love for chocolate cake originated at such an early age. I honestly thought it was a recent development.

Thanks for the tribute Mom! I love you tons!

Alicia said...

What great pictures!!!!!!!!!!

What a cutie!

Happy Birthday, Weston!