Friday, May 1, 2009

April's UFO Update

First of all, I should probably take another picture of the infamous laundry counter. In fact I will; be right back.
Guess what's back on the to-do list?** And that's too bad, because this month I finally got around to cleaning out the INSIDE of all the laundry cupboards - all ten cupboards plus two drawers.

Here are four of them before
and after. (It would probably be easier to see if I posted them separately, but I'm sure you're not all that interested in seeing inside my cupboards. After all, that's why they have doors on them. This is just to keep ME responsible.)

I also finally replaced the broken Craftsman tools. Building a shed was hard on some of them. (We love Sear's lifetime warranty.)

And I finished an afghan. (Now it needs to get put in the mail before the wedding arrives!)

** The counter was all clean, and then I started planning our next Enrichment night. Out came all the crafting supplies. But now that we've decided, I guess I should put the paints away.

Wayne came home from camping with a couple of to-do projects. One of these days I'll either
a) make a trip to the laundromat to wash the down sleeping bag,
b) use the bathtub to wash it (needs both time and a newly cleaned bathtub),
or c) see what happens when I try the handwash cycle in the washing machine. (If that ruins it, the sleeping bag is over 25 years old - time for a new one, right?)
And the air mattress DID get moved off the counter. (It was there so I'd remember to try and find the leak. Couldn't find the leak, but Jeff appropriated it for pool play anyway.) Maybe I'll go put the leak repair kit and pump away right now!

So, that was April. Some things got crossed off, and more things got added. How about you?


Jennifer said...

Wow...I don't think I did a thing in April. I need to though. I've needed to clean under and behind my washer/dryer for a few months now - maybe that will be my May goal?

Melanie said...
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Melanie said...

I wanna come and swim in your pool. It looks refreshing!