Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Adventure has Begun!

This man is excited!
He's hiking segment two of the Florida Trail right now. (They did segment one a couple of years ago, which is the 9 miles below the black road on the map - US 41 which goes through Big Cypress National Preserve. Segment two is the 30 miles north of the road. We're not sure he'll be able to do the whole 1400 miles of the Florida Trail in this lifetime, but it won't be for lack of trying!)This adventure, the first backpacking trip with one of his sons, took a lot of planning, including weeks of gathering equipment and supplies.The packs were loaded between conference sessions, and bright and early Monday morning we began the drive to the Everglades.Does it seem quite fair that they each get their own bench??
After setting up camp, there was time to read, play games,
And watch a beautiful sunset.
We thought this pancake looked just like someone eating a hamburger - the one Steven gets to look forward to having on Thursday afternoon . . .
when the adventure is over!

He's such a good sport. They're off! We'll let you know the "end of the story" later.

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