Friday, April 17, 2009

16th birthday party

Flashback Friday
Even more memories of Grandmother Beckstrand

I discovered some pictures this week. And that brought back even more memories of my grandparents.
Here are Grandmother and Grandfather standing in their backyard. It looks like Grandfather is wearing his barbecuing apron. We loved exploring behind the shed and garage while dinner was cooking! Grandmother (on the right) with her sister Mabel
I'm not sure when this picture was taken, although I suspect it's about 1961. I'm also not positive who everyone is, but these are my guesses:
Back row: Nadine Nalder, Beverly Nalder, Mabel Nalder, Judi Beckstrand, Shelley Beckstrand, Thane Beckstrand, Carol Beckstrand, ?, ?, ?
Front row: ?, Vernard Beckstrand, Nels Beckstrand, Ethel Beckstrand
(I thought the man on the right might be Martin Nalder, but he never married, and this man looks like he belongs to the lady and two little girls! Anyone know who they are?)
I turned 16 while we were on vacation in Utah. When we arrived back in California it was time to celebrate with the grandparents. Unfortunately, Grandmother had broken her ankle and was confined to bed. So, we had the party in her bedroom. Opening presents on her bed was definitely a unique experience!


momstheword said...

Friday is a light homeschool day and Monday is fuller, so that's another reason why I chose Friday for deep cleaning.

How funny to celebrate her birthday in her bedroom. I bet you were all crammed in there.

We celebrated Thanksgiving in the hospital once!

Beth in NC said...

Those are some great pictures. Nothing like pictures of your grandparents to take you back.

Have a blessed day!

amanda said...

i love looking at the pictures. i also love you opened gifts on her bed. so funny.

Laura Lou said...

Love to see others who had rich relationships with their grandparents, too!!

I was born on my grandparents 25th anniversary, so my grandmother received the honor of naming me. We spent that day of the year together every year, until each passed away. <3

Alicia said...

I LOVE pictures like this!!! Isn't it great to have them?!! I posted one last week of when I was around 2 (1971). My mom has tons of them so I'm going to borrow some of!

I'm so glad you linked up!!!

momstheword said...

Old family pictures are fun! I love seeing how people dressed and wore their hair back then.

Erin said...

What a blessing to have such memories...I love that you had the party in Grandma's bedroom to make sure she didn't miss out. How cool!

Muthering Heights said...

Those are wonderful photos! I love the first one. :)