Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WFMW - Weekly Schedule

Works for Me Wednesday
Weekly Schedule

For years and years, Thursday has been my favorite day of the week. It all started when I read "The Side-tracked Home Executives" and put some of their ideas into practice. As a teenager and into our marriage I had a minute-by-minute schedule that I liked to follow. I liked being organized. When the baby wouldn't follow the schedule (what nerve he had to be hungry before it was "allowed!"), I decided it was more important to take care of him, so I threw the schedule out the window. After a few more years and a few more kids, that wasn't working either, so I researched different ideas trying to find a balance.

What finally worked for me was to designate a different priority or focus for each day of the week. I would do my best to make accomplish certain things on that day, and then not worry about them the other days. That allowed me the flexibility to meet my children's needs throughout the day, yet still feel productive and mostly organized. Here's the schedule I follow:

Sunday - family church day
Monday - main cleaning day (recover from the weekend)
Tuesday - errand day
Wednesday - paperwork day
Thursday - free day
Friday - project day (prepare for the weekend)
Saturday - family work and/or play day

Can you see why Thursday is my favorite day?? That's my reward for working hard on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and getting all the "have-to-do" things done. Whenever possible I don't do anything on Thursday that I don't like - things like ironing or cleaning bathrooms or calling the insurance company or figuring taxes are saved for another day of the week. And whether it's reading a book or working on a scrapbook or visiting with a friend or just taking a nap, on Thursday I try to do something just for me. Happy Mom = Happy Family.

So, that's what works for me! What works for you? Check out We are THAT Family for more ideas!


JanMary said...

I always INTEND to do this, but get side-tracked!

Veggiemomof2 said...

I have a few days prescheduled, but with my husband on swing shift, I try to stay flexible.

Amy said...

what a great idea! I pretty much follow that schedule, but having it set and down on paper could be very useful for me. thanks for sharing.