Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Learning Something New

Part of being good parents is introducing your children to new experiences. Isn't it? So, we were really good parents on Saturday - because we tried two new things!

First, after making sure the car was washed and the lawn mowed, we visited a new park. Since it had a tennis court, we took along our tennis rackets and played. This was the first time Steven held a racket and hit a tennis ball! Because we were all equally good (or bad), we had a great time, and decided that we want to do it again sometime.(Next time I'll have to remember the camera to get some pictures of us actually hitting the ball!)

Then Wayne and Michelle decided it would be fun to make sushi, so they did.

For more pictures and the instructions, check our recipe blog. (The mustard was for Steven's hot dog, not the sushi!)


Jennifer said...

Homemade sushi? I wonder if I can find a recipe for surf-n-turf...

Ketchesons said...

Tennis! we tried that right after we got married. I think everyone that saw us laughed really hard,but it was tons of fun for us. I don't dare to give the little one a racket!!
I would have gone for the hot dog too. Have you seen the whole tutorial of making sushi at the Pioneer Woman cook's blog? pretty intense!

Delirious said...

I remember learning how to make homemade sushi once in a young women's activity. I love it, but I'm the only one in my family that does, so I don't make it.

I'm glad you mentioned why there was mustard on the table, I was starting to cringe. lol