Thursday, February 5, 2009

What's on Your Sundae?

Last night the Teacher's Quorum was in charge of the combined activity. They did a great job of planning it and it turned out great. I thought the big brothers might enjoy adapting it for a college FHE activity. (They came up with the idea by googling "mutual activities" and selecting something from the numerous lists.)

They started the evening by talking about the Articles of Faith, and spent time (about 30 mintues) reviewing them. Then each person was given a check-off card and they went around to the leaders and recited by memory all that they could. If they did it word perfect, the leader initialed the proper space on the card. When everyone was done with that, they pulled out the "key" and started scooping up ice cream sundaes. Each Article of Faith represented a different sundae ingredient. Here's their list:

1 - bowl, 2 - spoon, 3 - root beer, 4 - whipped cream, 5 - vanilla ice cream, 6 - sprinkles, 7 - chocolate ice cream, 8 - oreo crumbs, 9 - chocolate syrup, 10 - banana, 11 - nuts, 12 - caramel sauce, 13 - cherry

The kids didn't know ahead of time what went with what, so if they didn't pass off #5 or #7, but did pass off #1 and #4, they got a bowl of whipped cream, but no ice cream. I'm told most of them passed off everything, which was the whole point! And they had fun too.

The Teacher's Quorum was pleased with the results :)


Jennifer said...

That sounds like such a fun activity! I would have loved being a youth in your ward :)

Delirious said...

This is a great activity! I think I might be able to adapt it for seminary. :)

lrbodine said...

The youth in my ward just did that activity last month and it was a big hit. We're thinking of incorporating for primary!