Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Officially Completed!

The shed is done.
It passed the building inspection.
The lawn mowers were moved in last Saturday.
Now it's time to move onto something else.
Wayne added a couple of "shelves" just below the rafters.Even though they were just about finished, his helpers were still less than excited.
Plenty of room for yard tools and the lawnmower.
I guess I should take a "final" picture with the doors closed.


Jennifer said...

It's beautiful! I think all "helpers" have excited faces like that, don't they? I know I did!

Florida Sanders' said...

Your shed is probably constructed better than most houses in the area!!!!

Looks great!

Linda said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! It really looks great - and passing the inspection is a great feeling, isn't it?! WAY TO GO!

Melissa said...

I wa thinking the same thing, Rennie! It probably took longer to build to because of that fact. Like my Dad always said...anything worth doing is worth doing right!

Meg said...

Congratulations! Great job everyone!