Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rest and Relaxation - The 2009 Version

Wacky Wednesday
A cruise that didn't go according to plan
But was still a lot of fun

A couple of weeks ago Wayne and I had the chance to get away for the weekend. The whole idea was to read and relax, and we got started even before leaving Miami on the Majesty of the Seas.

The next day we were supposed to read and relax on hammocks and/or floating mats at Coco Cay.We also thought it might be fun to hike around the tiny island.However, the wind and waves didn't cooperate. The harbor was too small for the cruise ship, yet it wasn't safe to ferry passengers across on the tenders. They had enough trouble "docking" just to get supplies for the snack shop on the island:

So, we stayed on board, kept on reading and relaxing, and made our way over to Nassau.We still got to see pretty blue Caribbean water up close.Since we were in port on Sunday we made our way to church, arriving just a little late in a police cruiser. (The map was wrong. There was an empty Assembly of God tent on the vacant lot where the LDS church was supposed to be. We found a police station nearby and asked them for directions. They said they'd call a cab because our building was still a few miles away. After a few minutes of waiting, they told us to hop in their car and they'd take us.) Wasn't that nice of them? My blistered feet really appreciated it.And of course, for three days we had all the beautiful and delicious food we wanted.
I guess we'll just have to try this itinerary again someday so we know what Coco Cay is really like!


Delirious said...

Sounds fun! I think I need to find some time to get away with my husband. I know some people who take little weekends all the time. He and I rarely ever have. Maybe I'll work on that.

Florida Sanders' said...

Oh...that looks like so much fun!

Beckstrand7 said...

Now THAT is a mother's vacation! I need to go on one of those cruises soon. I love the police cruiser to church idea...:)