Sunday, December 14, 2008

Scripture Study Insights - week nineteen

Alma 53
Idleness leads to problems. When you’re in charge of a group of people (FHE, church or school class, Mutual activity, etc.), try to have them each involved somehow. Help them take responsibility for their individual growth and education. This chapter is our introduction to the “army of Helaman” – young men who were courageous, valiant, strong, active, trustworthy, sober, obedient and righteous, because they had been taught by parents who honored their own covenants.

Alma 54
It’s usually not possible to deal fairly and justly with the wicked – they just aren’t interested in being honest and equal.

Alma 55
Even during times of war and strategy, it’s possible to tell the truth. (Moroni looked for a true Lamanite among his soldiers to deliver the wine.) It’s also better to win without fighting if at all possible. Remembering to “remember the Lord” helps us avoid Satan’s traps and snares.

Alma 56
The best path is a straight one – “neither would I turn to the right nor to the left.” True courage comes from putting your trust in the Lord and following his teachings. Lack of leadership leads to confusion.

Alma 57
Follow the example of Helaman’s army: Be firm and undaunted – “obey and observe to perform every word of command with exactness.” Faith in God leads to great miracles.

Alma 58
When we’re feeling afraid, we should “pour out our souls in prayer to God.” Then he can send us peace, increase our faith, and give us courage and determination to conquer our obstacles. To solve our problems, sometimes we need to keep trying new things. What works once may not work again (particularly when it involves strategy).

Alma 59
“It is better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent.” Our actions (or non-actions) really do affect others.

Alma 60
“Begin to be up and doing.” We can exhort others to righteousness and stay humble at the same time. We also have a responsibility to do our best at preventing unrighteous behavior from negatively affecting those over whom we have stewardships.

Alma 61
We must resist evil. The Spirit of God is the spirit of freedom.

Alma 62
Converting people to your side not only increases your power, but diminishes the opposition’s. Doing things in anger can have disastrous consequences. It’s easier to remember God’s mercies when we’re humble and pray continually.

Alma 63
Our family records are to be kept sacred, and handed down from generation to generation.

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