Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas is Coming #8

1990 Jeff joined our Christmas celebration!!

Someone noticed that the kids are not in their pajamas. That's part of our family tradition - we get dressed, make beds and eat breakfast before opening stockings and presents. Also part of the tradition is having the kids try to get us to change that every year :) But we've found that it's a great motivation for keeping your room clean the week before Christmas, as well as a nice deterrent to children waking up too early!

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lrbodine said...

That is some willpower there with making them get dressed, eat breakfast, and all! Wow.

So David is friends with some girls that are friend my hometown in Washington (some of my little brother Kory's good friends). Small world especially at BYU! Kory and David probably have even met but since we didn't see your family much growing up - they wouldn't even know they were related. Kind of funny!