Saturday, March 17, 2018

Joe the Plumber

or maybe Handy Andy, but NOT Plumber Bob!

A week or so ago I discovered that when I emptied the rinse bucket down the kitchen sink, water collected on the cupboard floor. That's not good! Investigation showed that the garbage disposal had begun to corrode and a crack was developing. Before it got any bigger, we decided we ought to replace it, so we did.

Wayne's quite handy, and according to him, this is actually one of the easiest repairs to do. The steps are pretty straight-forward, and were all laid out in the instructions that came with the new unit. First, unplug the machine and disconnect the pipes from the old one. (We had two - the flexible tube from the dishwasher and the drain pipe under the sink.) Unscrew the old disposal and lift it out. I wasn't home for the drain hole replacement, so I'm not sure exactly what was involved with that, nor what the part is really called, but it did take a fresh pot of plumber's putty, and now we have a shiny flange (I looked it up) with the imprinted labels aligned properly.

Make sure the new one is wired correctly, then attach it to the support flange. Re-attach the pipes. (We did clean them out first, but used the existing ones.) Test for leaks, then plug it in and make sure it works. It did! Now we have a fancy Badger 900 Plus under our sink. We upgraded from the builder's grade 1/2 HP motor to a 3/4 HP one, which supposedly is better for this size house. We'll see if it makes a difference.

And just so I remember in the future, the red "reset" button is underneath the unit. (You may need to twist the center knob with an allen wrench.)

I also learned that disposals don't have sharp blades. They use centrifugal force and a grater-like ring to emulsify whatever is dropped into them and propel it out the drain. Now maybe you learned something new as well!
Our model is a continuous feed type so doesn't have the stopper switch.

Friday, March 16, 2018

The Reception

Happy Six Month Anniversary!

Although I don't think it would be difficult to keep this going another six months, life moves on and I'm behind on posting about a lot of other wonderful occasions. So, it's time to finish up Michelle and Hayden's special day. Maybe later I'll add some posts on the beautiful family luncheon and some of the preparation for the party, but for now, on to the reception.

They worked together to design and make their welcome sign. Isn't it beautiful?
We held the reception in the garden of the Springville Museum of Art, which turned out to be the perfect place to celebrate a perfect couple.

We had fun adding their personal touch to the decorations, which started with the sign-in table.

Because the garden was beautiful just by itself, the only decorating we felt we needed were a few centerpieces for the tables. The wrought iron tables on the patio didn't even need tablecloths. Simple and easy is the way to go!

Michelle and Cayson (on the left) were nursery buddies in California. He's now a famous musician, and we were lucky he was available to provide the music. It, too, fit just perfectly.

Dad's hand was in the food, but that's okay, since he was paying for it! Marvellous Catering did a wonderful job, and they were great to work with, even long distance. It really was nice to not have to worry over the food. In fact, I felt like I didn't have to worry about anything and could just enjoy visiting with friends and family. What a treat that was.

Stuffed mushrooms, meatballs, shrimp, chicken skewers and potstickers with sauce. 

We used the same person as Nicala did for the cake, and once again he did a great job. Michelle just wanted a plain white cake, and she dressed it up herself with greens and flowers from her florist.

Michelle isn't necessarily into doing things "just because it's a tradition," but she did agree to cut the cake, although we didn't make a super big deal about it. And once the actual wedding cake was gone, there was a Costco sheet cake to cut and serve, because having an inexpensive and delicious Costco cake at parties is a genuine Whitaker tradition.

While we were delighted to celebrate Michelle and Hayden, we were also delighted to spend a bit of time with family and friends we hadn't seen in a long, long time.

Finally, it was time for the party to be over. No confetti, no birdseed, no bubbles, no sparklers, but that's okay. Good wishes, cheers and hugs were plenty satisfactory.

And a vintage car didn't hurt either.

Thanks for some wonderful memories. Best wishes for continued joy and happiness in the years ahead!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Pictures and More Pictures - Part One

The entire group!
Hayden's grandparents
Hayden's family
Various "Harris" Combinations
Nieces and Nephews (missing the PA contingent)

Michelle's family

Michelle's grandparents
Various "Whitaker" Combinations

My 12 Children!
The brothers are all proud of their baby sister! 
And we're proud of all of them! Thanks for making our dream (of having all our children married in the temple) come true!

Pictures and More Pictures - Part Two


Pictures and More Pictures - Part Three