Monday, May 1, 2017

Utah Trip - Non-Graduation Activities

We enjoyed the graduation celebratory meals, but we weren't finished eating when those were over. Friday night we met Michelle's boyfriend and spent time getting to know him over quesadillas and salads at the Art City Trolley Restaurant. That choice in itself told us quite a bit. We had a delightful time together and are grateful that he helps make Michelle happy.

Did I mention it was cold? This is what we woke up to one morning!

It wasn't much warmer when it was time for the weekly soccer game, but we tried to be supportive grandparents anyway!

After the game we drove into Salt Lake again to meet Wayne's high school buddy and his wife for lunch. We figured it'd been close to 40 years since they'd last gotten together, so there was quite a bit to catch up on, and we thoroughly enjoyed the visit. We also enjoyed exploring the lobby of the Grand America Hotel. What a beautiful building!

We weren't done eating yet! After another delicious dinner made by Elizabeth, Grandpa took his traditional trek to the ice cream shop with his grandchildren. He was nice enough to bring some back to the rest of us!

I didn't get any clear pictures, (little kids don't stay still!), but the next day after church, we had a family dinner which included Wayne's parents and his sister's family, in addition to our Utah kids. We're so grateful for our family and appreciate the times we can spend together. It's wonderful making new memories and we look forward to many more opportunities to do so.

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