Wednesday, April 19, 2017

WFMW - Post-Easter Clean-Up

Works for Me Wednesday
Our first child's first Easter basket. If you look closely, you can see that the grass was immediately removed. Good thing it wasn't on my living room carpet!
Maybe I'm a party-pooper, but one of the things I hated about Easter, particularly when the kids were younger, was finding Easter basket "grass" all over the house for days. After a few years of dealing with clogged vacuums, I finally got smart and figured out a way to minimize the mess. That involves keeping strict control, but it was worth it to me, and hopefully it didn't ruin my children.

Easter baskets only appeared on the night before Easter, and before Easter Sunday was over, the candy the bunny left was in ziploc bags and the baskets were out of sight, along with the grass. (I know some families have the Easter Bunny come on Saturday, but it's the same principle.)

So, if this is something that bugs you too, next year you know what to do. Of course, I could always outlaw the grass totally, and I've discovered that the paper grass is less annoying than the plastic grass, but it's part of the tradition and brings back great memories of when I was a kid, so we'll keep pulling it out each year.

So, that's what Works for Me this Wednesday. Feel free to add an idea of your own in the comments.

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