Friday, May 7, 2010

Rock City

Friday Flashback
Mt. Diablo State Park - March 1998It was a windy, cold day, but we enjoyed our picnic with our friends anyway. Then we went rock-climbing (or at least the teenagers did). Mt. Diablo is a great place to visit. As a teenager, Wayne lived close enough to ride his bike to the mountain, which he did frequently. It was a "must see" place to visit when we toured his old haunts while we were engaged. Then once we moved back to California, he loved going to Mt. Diablo often, either with his own family or with the Scouts. So, it was the obvious first choice for a family activity when we needed something relaxing to do the day before the wedding. And, look, we found some special graffiti just for the bride -
After a yummy picnic lunch, it was time to climb some rocks and take some pictures and just have fun visiting with each other.Once we drove to the summit, it wasn't enough to take some more pictures,and look at the view, we all had to stand on the very top.

Megan made sure that little WOW didn't miss out on the experience.What a treat it was to be able to share one of our favorite spots with our brand new family members!


Louise Hiatt said...

Sounds like fun! So -- are we ever going to get to see wedding pictures? Since Mom and Dad didn't make it out I'm counting on you to come through!

Delirious said...

It was great to see your entire family!

Cheryl said...

Looks like fun!

And I just have to tell you that I always love reading your comments on my blog--thank you!!

Beckstrand7 said...

I especially like the picture of your kids including all the new family members - SO FUN! Wish you could join us for the Martin Family gathering tomorrow, but you'll be having your own party. :) Congratulations on your expanding family!