Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Birthday to Me!

The plan was to spend Independence Day on the road, so I had my actual birthday cake the day before, thanks to Brad's family. It was delicious, and a great reminder of some of the ones I remember my mom making when I was a young girl. Thanks again!

Picture from the trip up when Jeff was with us.
On the actual day, we stopped at Burger King for lunch (our normal on-the-road choice), but part of my birthday present included dinner at something a step above fast food. A big step above. I thought it was appropriate to spend our country's birthday enjoying some of our beautiful country, so wanted a place with a view. 

Jetty's in Jupiter, on the Jupiter inlet and across from the Jupiter Lighthouse was the perfect choice. We enjoyed our dinner. We enjoyed the view. We enjoyed each other's company. What a beautiful day!

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