Wednesday, April 26, 2017

WFMW - Ironing Board

Works for Me Wednesday - Or what do you do when the home builder doesn't put an outlet for the iron in the laundry room?
We've noticed some interesting quirks in the houses we've purchased over the years, but the lack of an electrical outlet in the laundry room (other than the ones dedicated to the washer and dryer) still baffles me. Where do you hang a rechargeable dust buster or flashlight? What do you do when it's time to iron your clothes?

Well, I know ironing isn't as necessary now as it was a generation or two ago, but I still do iron occasionally. Even though our laundry room is small, it would be nice to be able to plug in an iron for a quick job, but that's not possible. Fortunately, it's only a few steps to the kitchen where there are plenty of outlets along with room to set up an ironing board. Sometimes we have to make things work for us even if it's not our ideal. That's an important lesson to learn as well.
And there was plenty of room to hang the ironing board behind the laundry room door so it's out of sight when not in use.

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