Monday, November 16, 2015

Remembering Thanksgiving - At Home in California

Just moved. Just had a baby. Didn't write in journal for over three months, so don't remember what we did on Thanksgiving Day. I did, however, try taking pictures of these six cute kids throughout the month of November. One of them might have even been on Thanksgiving!
For Thanksgiving Day we had our friends the Burtenshaw's over for dinner, then we assembled our Christmas tree. I didn't take any pictures on Thanksgiving. However, one of the things we were grateful for is that there were no soccer games on the holiday. That November we spent all our free time on the soccer field.

Playing at the playground during Weston and David's games.
Beckstrand family mini reunion. Lots of pictures! 

Family Meeting
Playing with cousins!
Only some of the cousins! Phillip, Russell, Michelle, Steven
Holly brought Michelle her own Minnie Mouse doll, then shared her "baby" doll for naptime.
Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl at the park!
Many hands make light work.
We actually got a picture at the beginning of Thanksgiving dinner.
Checking out a contraption to see if Holly might like it.
Holly's special Disney dinner table setting for the day after Thanksgiving. We had spaghetti with Disney shaped pasta.

We didn't spend this Thanksgiving at home, but went to Utah for the holiday. That vacation deserves its own post.

We spent another year at home without any extended family. Thankfully, we have awesome friends who could join us for dinner - the Olson family, the Tate family, and Karen Duff (Brad's Webelos leader). And you can be thankful for yet another picture from soccer season!

On Thanksgiving Day this year we spent the morning washing cars, and then had dinner with just our immediate family. Afterwards we hung the outside Christmas lights before joining the St. Martin family for pie with the Hurd family. No pictures were taken that day, but some were the next when we decorated our Christmas tree.
So, this is the history of our Thanksgiving holidays while we lived in California. Feel free to add any details you may remember that I didn't!

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