Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hawaii 2015 - Part Three

Once again we had another beautiful sunrise!

Then it was time to check out Beach House Beach. 
It was a bit cloudy, but the waves were great and we tried snorkeling. I actually saw about a dozen different types of fish, even without having any prescription lenses.
It was more fun, however, throwing rocks in the tide pools.

Spouting Horn is always a fun place to visit.
This time nap time meant a special Grandpa/Granddaughter trip to the ice cream store.

 Then it was time to celebrate a birthday, even if it was a week early. Who says your party has to be on your actual birthday?

That was enough for one day, but the next day was quite similar, with watching the sunrise and going to the beach.

This time we took the trip to the north shore and Hanalei Bay. They're not in a lot of pictures, but Wayne's parents were with us on this trip as well. It was great being able to spend time with them.

 It was another cloudy, overcast morning with episodes of sprinkles, but we didn't let that stop us from having a great time.
Well, maybe Evelyn would have preferred some sun.
We took a couple of detours on the way back; one was to get some shave ice. Yummy! (Although more refreshing on a hot, sunny day.)
The second detour was a second visit to Spouting Horn. Maybe we should have headed south that morning instead of north, because it was warm and sunny there!

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