Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Things that "Work for Me"

I used to participate regularly in a blog hop called "Works for Me Wednesday," but then life got busy and that was one of the things that got dropped. However, since one of the purposes of this blog is to share with others things that worked for our family, I wanted to try doing that again. One of the reasons I stopped was because I felt that I needed to click on all of the other blog posts. However, it seemed there were just too many to sort through, and I wasn't necessarily interested in how to make my own laundry soap, gifts for toddlers to make or recipes using zucchini.

For the past month I've been debating the best way to resurrect this idea, which included the outlandish idea of Princess Spoinkledoink, but I don't want to get too elaborate and it's still a work in process anyway. The best way is just to do it.

So, today, here's something that works for me. (Maybe next week I'll share the original genesis which took place over 15 years ago, even before blogs were invented!)

I wanted to create something for my online seminary students, and a while ago someone introduced me to a website called Today I finally got around to looking at it more closely, creating an account, and creating the game.  Here you go!

Scripture Mastery Match (Part Two)

Part One was created by someone else, and it's what gave me the idea originally. Someday soon, maybe even later today, I'll create Part Three. Then I'll add the link!

So, learning new things, especially ones involving technology, and adapting them to fit me, is something that Works for Me. Feel free to add something that works for you in the comments!

And if you want to go to the "official" blog hop, here's the link: Works for Me Wednesday.

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