Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our Weekend

"Summer" is officially over, and it was a great one, so many wonderful memories were made. Now that we're back to the empty nest, I need to remember to share what's happening with our terrific kids (and anyone else who's interested). Wish you were still here! But we're glad you're moving on to your own new adventures.

So, we started our weekend with a trip to the airport. It was sad saying good-by, and we're glad you both have a return ticket for Christmas. Have an awesome semester at BYU!
While I was at the stake Relief Society conference, Wayne did some stuff around the house. Then he prepared a lesson for Sunday, and afterwards fixed yummy Beef Rouladen from our Dutch Oven Cookbook for our dinner. What a great husband I have!
Sunday was his birthday. It would have been more exciting to celebrate with more family around, but the peace and quiet was nice as well, and we definitely enjoyed the many phone and computer calls.
For the first time ever, he couldn't figure out what was in his packages. Yea for surprises! After a few other guesses, he did suspect this gift was a book, but he had no idea which one. 

We'll have fun reading it together. The one page we flipped open to asked the question, "How did Nome, Alaska get its name?" It was actually multiple choice, so which answer do you think is correct?
A: by mistake
B: to attract good luck ("nomes" are a type of Alaskan pixie)
C: after the Scottish explorer Sir Horace Nome
D: after an Inuit greeting: "nome nome" or "here you belong"

Labor Day morning we woke up early to watch the sunrise at Beach Access #53. 
 It was a gorgeous day!

That was followed by a delicious breakfast at Duke's Loggerhead Cafe.

(It was built on an old historical site, so there were some plaques to read .)
Then it was time to go home and do some chores. We've  been waiting all summer to find a spare Saturday to re-mulch the front yard, but it had to be after we were done painting the house. Our spare Saturday turned out to be Labor Day Monday, but we're pleased with how it looks.
Before and After - and it only took a couple of hours!
After a couple of other outside chores, we did a few inside as well. We felt badly that it wasn't completed before he got home from his mission, but now Steven's closet is ready for the shelves to be cut and installed. We're making progress!
Feeling productive is such a great feeling, and there was even time for relaxing with a movie after dinner. We hope each of you were able to enjoy a fun and productive holiday!

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