Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We're keeping busy here! I'm deciding that our Memorial Day weekend started with seminary on Friday morning. I figured the kids weren't going to be too interested in a serious discussion (and I figured correctly), so we spent our time reviewing scripture mastery and celebrating the summer birthdays. It actually went well. Only eight more days of school!
After seminary it was time for a Relief Society activity - our first temple trip to Fort Lauderdale. It's always fun to spend time with these wonderful ladies.
We forgot to take a picture before loading the van, so we snapped some shots from/in the car, and took a couple more when we got home.

We got up bright and early on Saturday to help out with an Eagle project. Can you guess what we did?
Then it was time to do some painting on our own house. After finishing the second coat above the garage, Wayne made the famous 1905 Salad and we barbecued hamburgers to go with it.
I was going to say Sunday was a normal church day, and I guess it was, but we did stay afterwards for a baptism which doesn't happen every week, and Michelle directed the choir in singing an arrangement of "Truth from Elijah" that turned out really well. (It was really called "The Hearts of the Children have Turned to their Fathers arranged by Evans and found here.) We decided that family history is a great sacrament meeting topic for Memorial Day weekend.
Monday morning we woke up early and started painting the next section of the house. That's the inside of the front door entry way. (The outside part is comes next.)
Wayne had to do most of the work, and his legs are sore today from climbing up and down the ladder. My job was to paint what I could reach and keep his roller/paint brush filled. It worked and we were able to prime before lunch and put on the base coat after lunch. It was a long, 12-hour day of painting!
And it was HOT!!  That's 98.0° and it got hotter after I took the picture. No more pleasant temperatures with nice breezes like last week!
One more coat of paint on this section, and then we can move to the next!

It seems that most people spend their Memorial Day at the beach. I guess we're not most people.
Instead, we went last Wednesday, avoided the crowds, and had a wonderful afternoon!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A New Use for Food Storage

One of these days I may feel "caught up" with recording our special memories, but it seems like we're too busy creating them. As soon as one project is finished, it's time to move onto the next one - and often even before one is finished! Anyway, I figured I'd start catching up by recording yesterday's major activity. As you may or may not recall, we're in the middle of painting the exterior of our house. This is a multi-year project (phase one, phase two, phase three). The back and sides are done and we're working on the front, which will probably take as long as everything else put together!
We did the pressure washing in February, and were able to paint some of the fascia soon after that.
I was too busy painting to take pictures, but here's Wayne showing the results to one of our friends.
However, after that all of our Saturdays were taken with temple activities, until yesterday. This time we had Michelle to help, which meant there was an extra set of hands available to help take pictures. Here you go!

What's the significance of the title? Have you ever tried using a ladder on a sloped surface? Since we didn't have one of those fancy ladders meant for that purpose, we had to figure out something else. The boxes of wheat were the solution - although a pretty scary one, to be sure, especially at the edge of the roof.
To prevent them tipping as someone (Wayne!) climbed the ladder, someone else had to sit on them (me). I'll be glad when this part of the project is over. (There's one more coat to do next Saturday.)
One of my views when sitting on the box.
And another view.
We also found another, less frightening, use for the boxes:
Waiting for Dad to finish the last little bit so we can start the clean-up.
Being on the roof is not my favorite thing to do, but at least we were blessed with a gorgeous day - no rain (like the previous three days), low humidity, slight breeze, pleasant (not too hot) temperatures. When we weren't concentrating on painting straight lines, the view was beautiful!
Once we've done the section over the garage, it's time to move onto that double-story entry, then the far section around the living room and master bathroom windows. I'm not looking forward to that, but I am looking forward to enjoying the totally finished project. And I'm also hoping that this fancy paint we're using means we really don't have to ever do this again!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Cornerstone Ceremony

Michelle had the opportunity to participate in the Cornerstone Ceremony Choir for the Fort Lauderdale Temple dedication.  (There are six stakes in our temple district. One stake was assigned to each of the three dedicatory services - providing the 20-person choir to sing in the celestial room - and the other three combined to provide the 60-person outside choir.) Last Friday we drove down to Davie together, and discovered that the cornerstone itself was already in place.
March 2014, then May 2014
We were there to practice, and I decided I needed a couple of pictures beforehand. As beautiful as the building is, I think the human is prettier!
We drove down together again early Sunday morning, this time with Dad, but we left the camera in the car, so no pictures from us. Here's the picture from Mormon Newsroom.
The choir sang, President Uchtdorf applied the mortar, a few other individuals did as well, and then the choir sang again. Short, simple, and sweet, and a wonderful start to the dedicatory service. We hope Michelle enjoyed the experience; I know we enjoyed watching her (even if it was on the television monitors inside the temple).
Here's the link to news footage of the cornerstone ceremony. We're grateful it was a beautiful, gorgeous day for them, with none of the "liquid sunshine, or maybe tears of gratitude and joy from heaven" that we had the day before.
Our friends had the opportunity to help!
Special bonus:
I googled "Fort Lauderdale Temple cornerstone" images and came across a blogpost by Sister Lewis. The last Saturday of the open house, there was a mission conference in the afternoon.  Since our welcome tents were staffed by missionaries, some sisters from the neighboring mission were asked to come over and help so our missionaries could attend the conference. (Fort Myers Stake is part of our temple district, but not part of our mission.) Here's the account of one of our "substitutes." Have a tissue handy.
Fort Lauderdale LDS Temple -- Erected 2014