Saturday, March 8, 2014

Remember the Holidays - Sushi vs. Wings

And this year the sushi won!

Last year we started the tradition of going out for dinner on New Year's Day. Sometimes the difference between six kids at home versus two is quite amazing!  Anyway, we debated whether it needed to be the same restaurant to keep it a tradition, and decided that it didn't need to be. I wasn't enamored with Buffalo Wild Wings, so it was easy for me to vote against that, even if I don't particularly care for sushi either! But it wasn't up to me, and that was fine as well. Everyone decided it would be a good opportunity for Wayne to share a memorable work lunch with us, and we went to Kabuki in West Palm where we ordered the Sushi Boat.
Here's what was included in the Sushi Boat for Four: Nigiri sushi, sashimi, spicy tuna roll, salmon avocado roll, kani dragon roll, rainbow roll.
I was wondering what each of these things meant, so I did some research. Sashimi is just plain slices of raw fish. Nigiri sushi is those fish slices on top of a ball of rice. The rolls are I what I original thought sushi was - seaweed and rice and various other items rolled and then sliced. The rainbow roll had fish as the outer layer, and the kani dragon roll contained crab. Now you know what I know!

We each started with a bowl of soup. Wayne, Jeff and Fay had Miso Soup. Michelle tried Tom Yum and I tried Tom Kha. They were all delicious!

And since I don't care for sushi (I've decided it's the vinegar in the rice that's the problem), I had Volcano Chicken which was fabulous - chicken and vegetables in a sweet chili sauce. I'll need to figure out how to make it at home some day. Here's a good contender for a recipe for the sauce. And here's another.

Then we enjoyed the holiday lights on our walk back to the car. And I discovered that I still need to figure out the settings on my new camera. All of the pictures were blurry, but I'm posting this one anyway to help me remember!


Delirious said...

That is a LOT of sushi! I'm wondering if they were able to finish it all. :) I love sushi, although I would love it more if the fish were always cooked. lol I eat it raw, but I have to admit that it makes my skin crawl a little to know that it's raw. But I love the vinegar in it, and I love wasabi with it, although I often get too much and then end up exploding my sinuses. lol

Heather@Women in the Scriptures said...

Ooh that Sushi looks good! This sounds like a really fun tradition.