Thursday, January 30, 2014

Remembering December - The Palm Beach Zoo

We spent the day after Christmas relaxing and doing errands, but we were ready for another adventure by the next day. Going to the zoo turned out to be a wonderful choice, and we all had a great time.
We saw lots of birds.
And lots of reptiles.
And lots of mammals.
We saw other animals, too, that I wasn't able to capture on film very well, like this koala. Brooke was fascinated with the otters, but those pictures didn't turn out at all! (The combination of animals that don't stop moving, glass aquarium walls, and the glare of the sun doesn't bode well for amateur photographers.)
I'm not sure why, but I found the anteater to be the most fascinating. It also didn't stop moving! But at least it didn't make me cringe like looking at the giraffes in Hogle Zoo did years ago. 

Brooke had fun riding on her daddy's shoulders. That provided a great view!
Oops, can't forget more birds and butterflies!
In addition to animal exhibits, there were a couple of other things - not quite sure how to describe them. Brooke did a great job of following the leader and tossing a leaf into the giant pot just like the little girl who was in there before us did.
I guess it was supposed to be some sort of Mayan/Aztec village replica. At least it provided a nice place to practice taking pictures.
We had a great morning, and saw everything we wanted to see before nap time. That's a successful outing!

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