Sunday, December 1, 2013

Countdown to Christmas

It's December 1st and our family tradition says it's time to start a Christmas Countdown. Because the only family members at home right now are trying to watch their caloric intake (meaning that a candy countdown would not be kind), and because I didn't plan ahead to do a service/activity countdown, and because the "read a page a day" books are still packed in the closet, I decided that I would do a blog post countdown. That way our children who aren't at home can still participate. For this first one I'm going to share ideas of past countdowns because part of the fun of traditions is recalling what you've done in the past.

Here's the one we made last year - pictured at Day 13 so it's symmetrical - a simple "move a bead a day" countdown that brings great memories of creating it together on our family girls' night over Thanksgiving break.
Here's the countdown we created the year Michelle was the only one at home. That year it had candy; I may hang it up this year, but it will have notes inside.
Here's a wooden one we picked up at an after-Christmas sale and used for a few years, when Steven and Michelle were the ones at home. The drawers had room for a couple of pieces of candy, and I recall also adding notes for small gifts in some of them.

The Friend usually has some sort of countdown, and we've done several over the years. Here's the link to this year's version.

In 2008 I did another blog post countdown - the year Weston was 25.  Here's the link to his first Christmas picture. I'll try to remember to add the 2008 link each day this year!

Wrapped Books. Our kids were older before I learned of this tradition, of wrapping 24 books and opening one each night and reading it together, but we tried it anyway and they loved it. In order to come up with 24 items without buying anything, I added some Christmas movies to the collection. That was fun.

If I ever find a picture of our actual felt tree countdown, I'll switch it out, but that's what we did for years and years and years.

What's your favorite Christmas Countdown?

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