Monday, December 2, 2013

Countdown to Christmas, Part Two

I guess I'm still winging this, but I remembered a couple of other countdowns that we've done. This first one was one we did often when I was a little girl - the one with little chocolates behind the numbered doors.
Christmas Advent Calendar Filled With Chocolate Candy
Candy Advent Calendar

Pinterest reminded me of another one, which I often used for a Primary sharing time or seminary activity. Each "ornament" on the tree had a different scripture which you could color in after you'd read it.
Scripture Story Countdown

Finally, we had fun several times with an Activity Countdown. One year I took advantage of a Halloween sleepover to create 24 little paper gingerbread men. Each one had a specific activity listed on the back which we did in the month of December - things like create paper snowflakes, make Christmas cookies, play a game, make graham cracker houses, send a letter to someone, etc. You can find the list of activities here. This is a great activity that can be varied from year to year while still keeping the sense of tradition.

$gingerbread garland
Hope that gives you some fun ideas. We'll see if I think of some more for tomorrow, or come up with something else!

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