Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hawaii - Day 6

Monday - Labor Day
One of the reasons for choosing this particular week for our vacation was so we could use an already-scheduled holiday. Recognizing that everyone else was probably not working as well, we decided against some of the more popular spots, and took a morning visit to one of the closest beaches - Poipu. It's an excellent beach for families, with a natural wading area protected from the surf, and picnic tables and a playground handy. Evelyn was in heaven, and so was everyone else.
Enjoying the beach
Walking around the little bay
Waves at the rocky shore
Returning across the sand bar from the rocky peninsula
Testing out the water
Sand + Water = Fun
We spent the afternoon running some errands and playing at home.
On the walkway to the restaurant, just beautiful!
Delicious seafood and appetizers with beautiful presentation as well.
Sunset out the restaurant window. Hawaii really is a tropical paradise.
But the people are even better! Finishing the evening with ice cream treats. What a wonderful day!

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