Friday, September 13, 2013

Hawaii - Day 3

After spending a day at the "west" shore it was time to spend a day at the "east" shore, although technically we didn't actually go to the beach this day. Instead, we kayaked up the Wailua River so we could take the hike to Secret Falls, and saw some gorgeous scenery in the process. We have a beautiful world!
Unloading the kayaks at the boat ramp.
Someone was excited to be in the boat!
It was a beautiful, peaceful trip.
Making the switch from water to land.

Secret Falls (also known as Uluwehi Falls)
Playing in the pool
Hiking back to the kayaks
See, wasn't it gorgeous?
More water play before getting in the boats.
The infamous Kauai roosters are even out in the boonies!
Kayaking the two miles back to the truck. Dallin was a bit happier on the return trip, and we had more company from other boaters.
Taking advantage of more water to play in!
Finishing the day with a lovely dinner at Tidepools. Thanks for the treat David and Elizabeth!!

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Dave said...

I'm glad you got so many pictures! Great memories!