Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Apparently my sister was waiting patiently for a birthday post on my birthday, and I never wrote one.  Sorry to disappoint you, but I want to make it up, so here are the pictures from our fun Fourth of July holiday.  We hope your Independence Day was just as much fun!
The day started with a yummy breakfast fritatta. Michelle's turning out to be a great cook!
Then off we went to the next county park on the list.
It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and the park itself was pretty nice, too.
We gave the "heart" trail a try, some more diligently than others.
We never could figure out the point of this apparatus; it said something about jumping over and climbing under.  Anyone know what it's supposed to be used for?
We learned Michelle needed to be taught how to do a proper push-up.
And we were serenaded by this random saxaphone player while she learned.
Doesn't it just look serene?
We decided to just look at the roller hockey rink and racquetball courts, but after lunch we got out the tennis equipment and taught Fay how to play.
In the afternoon we talked with all of the kids, and even got to Skype with a couple of them.  Here's two-week old Dallin showing how strong his legs are. (He was pushing against David's hand.)
Michelle and Fay made a gorgeous birthday cake.

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