Friday, May 17, 2013

Our Graduation Trip - Playing with the Grandchildren

A little while ago we had the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Utah visiting with family and friends.  Thank you, Brad, for inviting us out to your graduation.  We're so proud of you!  However, this first post (I figured doing a few of them would extend your viewing pleasure) is dedicated to one of my favorite memories of the trip, although I'm not sure if Sam will remember it with fond feelings.  (Hopefully, he's already forgotten it!)

As you can see, Samuel likes playing with his activity center.
Wayne decided he would help him spin the little toy.  
Unfortunately, he spun it so fast it terrified Sam! 
Poor Sam!!
Fortunately, once Grandpa stopped the spinning, everything was fine.
Sweet little Brooke offered some extra comfort to make things all better.

Grandpa had fun playing with Wyatt and Brooke as well.  They seemed to like the "I'm going to get you!" and tickling sessions.
We never did get a proper grandparents/grandchildren picture, but that's okay.  We were there for a graduation; playing with cute kids was just an extra bonus!

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