Sunday, May 19, 2013

Our Graduation Trip - Jeff and Michelle

Since Jeff is staying in Provo for the summer, we were grateful for the excuse to go out and visit him.  I hope he enjoyed showing us around; we sure enjoyed it.  His living room was a great place to rest in between other events, and while there we learned that he recently received the honored designation of "ward clown."  We're so glad he brings joy into others' lives!  And we appreciated the opportunity to see his handiwork live; he hung that poster in the upper right corner of the picture.
Michelle isn't staying in Provo, which meant she needed to vacate her dorm room.  So, we helped her with that, and also had the opportunity to hear a little bit about her campus job on the events staff for the Marriott Center.
Good-bye "Hinckley Hall."  Hello "The Elms." I'm glad we got to at least drive by where she'll be staying when she returns in the fall.
Provo and the BYU campus hold a special place in my memory bank.  It's nice to know that our children are making their own memories there as well.  It's even nicer when they let us be a part of that memory-making!

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