Friday, May 10, 2013

Black and Gold Jubilee

Last year SunFest was on the calendar as our "cultural activities in Palm Beach County" experience.  This year it was the Black and Gold Jubilee.  There's a bit of a difference between West Palm Beach and Belle Glade, and it was nice to be able to compare the two.  They each had plenty of booths selling arts and crafts and food, along with a stage or two for performances.  However, the difference in size meant we didn't need to spend as much time at the Jubilee.  And that was a good thing because the calendar also had stake conference on it for that day, a couple of hours away in the opposite direction.  It would have been nice to have stayed for the evening fireworks, but listening to Elder Burns was a pretty good alternative.  Anyway, here are the pictures so you can imagine being there yourself.
Welcome to Torry Island - part of Okeechobee Lake.
There were plenty of choices for lunch, and we each chose a different booth!
Which car would you choose
Definitely in a farming town!
Black stands for dirt and gold stands for corn.  We bought a box and had to count the ears of corn once we got home to make sure we got our money's worth!  We did, and it was delicious!!

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Meg said...

Oh I wish I could meet Fay- she seems like so much fun in those pictures! And how wonderful to get so much yummy corn on the cob for a great price!