Monday, May 27, 2013

Saturday Chores, Once Again

There's a never-ending list of things to do around here, and with really only one day a week available in which to do them, sometimes we try to do too much.  I'm sure you all know exactly what I'm talking about. Anyway, this weekend's project was to paint one side of the house.  That meant last week was spent doing some prep-work, namely "un-painting" or power washing.
 I'm so glad that Wayne doesn't mind climbing a ladder!  We had talked about starting the primer coat that afternoon, but the rain clouds rolled in and we had to bag that idea.  But that's okay, because the night before Wayne's early (or late) Christmas present arrived, and that gave him time to set up his new speakers. 
And then we tested them out by enjoying a couple of movies.
This weekend we had gorgeous weather, so we were able to follow through with the painting plans. 
Friday after work we spent a few hours starting the trim work.
It's kind of sad that the only way to get rid of this discoloration was to paint the whole house, but now that doesn't have to bother me any more.
It was the perfect evening to work outside; too bad this picture doesn't do the gorgeous sunset justice.
The next morning we got an early start to take advantage of the shade.  It's true that many hands make light work, but it was still an exhausting project.  We miss our boys!

But the girls are good helpers too.  Here we are finishing up the first coat.  The weather continued to cooperate and we were able to finish the second coat as well.  Now we're letting that dry for "at least 24 hours" and hopefully we'll be able to do the final coat on Monday.
This is what happens to your hands when it's your job to squeeze the paint off of the rollers!
No more orange stain!  And don't you love that glimpse of our gorgeous day.  We hope your weekend is just as beautiful.  Happy Memorial Day!!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Our Graduation Trip - Friday's Convocation

The Clyde Building - where an engineering student spends most of his time.
So glad the grandparents were able to come.
More waiting and playing and visiting.
The college convocation was a little more intimate than commencement in the Marriott Center, but not by much.  
We were still pretty far from the action, yet if you look REALLY hard, you can see Brad in each of these four pictures.
I was able to catch the actual presentation of the diploma on camera for your viewing pleasure.

One of the greatest joys of our lives is to see our children supporting their siblings.
We're so proud of you!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our Graduation Trip - Thursday's Commencement

The purpose of our quick trip - Brad's graduation from BYU with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.  He did it!
Notice the electronic devices being used as "keep me from being bored while I wait" tools, for all ages.
Elder L. Tom Perry was the guest speaker, and he had some excellent advice for the graduates.  Go here to read a summary of his talk on setting proper priorities.
I didn't get a really good picture, but he did participate in the tradition of ringing the bell after commencement.
Cody was a wonderfully supportive wife!  Congratulations go to her as well :)
Brooke was so patient during the long ceremony!
The rest of the family was pretty patient as well.
Playing a fun game with Uncle Paul - "It's your cap, not mine!"

I just had to include this picture of such a creative way to give money.  If you google "money lei" you can find lots of pictures and tutorials.  This one seemed helpful. Basically you're making dollar bill rosettes and then stringing them with spacers of some sort.  I like these wooden beads.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Our Graduation Trip - Jeff and Michelle

Since Jeff is staying in Provo for the summer, we were grateful for the excuse to go out and visit him.  I hope he enjoyed showing us around; we sure enjoyed it.  His living room was a great place to rest in between other events, and while there we learned that he recently received the honored designation of "ward clown."  We're so glad he brings joy into others' lives!  And we appreciated the opportunity to see his handiwork live; he hung that poster in the upper right corner of the picture.
Michelle isn't staying in Provo, which meant she needed to vacate her dorm room.  So, we helped her with that, and also had the opportunity to hear a little bit about her campus job on the events staff for the Marriott Center.
Good-bye "Hinckley Hall."  Hello "The Elms." I'm glad we got to at least drive by where she'll be staying when she returns in the fall.
Provo and the BYU campus hold a special place in my memory bank.  It's nice to know that our children are making their own memories there as well.  It's even nicer when they let us be a part of that memory-making!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Our Graduation Trip - Friends Old and New

Due to lack of vacation time at work, our trip was quite short, which meant there wasn't a lot of time available for visiting family and friends.  However, we were able to combine some of the graduation festivities with making new friends and re-connecting with old ones.

First was Jeff's roommate, who graciously agreed to show us how his accordion worked!
We had a delightful lunch on campus before graduation where we met some of the girls that Michelle will room with next fall, along with their parents.  That was an absolute treat!  They're going to have a great time together when school starts again.
Brad's good friend from elementary school graduated too.
It was wonderful to have the chance to visit with his family for a bit.  His baby sister is all grown up!  (And my camera was malfunctioning and cut his dad out of the picture.  Sorry!)
I have no idea who the additional friends were, but Brad knew them, and that's what counts.
One of them (third from the right in back row) was Cody's brother, so her parents came down to Provo as well.  We love her family, and it was great to be able to visit with them again.
Our final visit was with a dear friend from the Tampa area.  She happens to own a restaurant.  We happened to be hungry.  It's a win-win situation!  And it turned out to be the perfect place to celebrate Brad's graduation.  We'll remember it for next year when it's Jeff's turn!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Our Graduation Trip - Playing with the Grandchildren

A little while ago we had the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Utah visiting with family and friends.  Thank you, Brad, for inviting us out to your graduation.  We're so proud of you!  However, this first post (I figured doing a few of them would extend your viewing pleasure) is dedicated to one of my favorite memories of the trip, although I'm not sure if Sam will remember it with fond feelings.  (Hopefully, he's already forgotten it!)

As you can see, Samuel likes playing with his activity center.
Wayne decided he would help him spin the little toy.  
Unfortunately, he spun it so fast it terrified Sam! 
Poor Sam!!
Fortunately, once Grandpa stopped the spinning, everything was fine.
Sweet little Brooke offered some extra comfort to make things all better.

Grandpa had fun playing with Wyatt and Brooke as well.  They seemed to like the "I'm going to get you!" and tickling sessions.
We never did get a proper grandparents/grandchildren picture, but that's okay.  We were there for a graduation; playing with cute kids was just an extra bonus!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Birthday to Weston!

In honor of your milestone birthday, here are 30 pictorial remembrances of your life year-to-date.  Get ready for some picture overload.  And even narrowing it down to 30 was difficult. You've had an eventful life, and we're looking forward to seeing what the next 30 years brings! 
May 16, 1983
Your blessing day - July 3, 1983
Scenes from your first year
Your first BYU graduation - August 1984
An early start with the headphones - Thanks Aunt Julie!
Your first "first-day-of-school" photos
Another early start with the educational/electronic games - 1989
First Grade play - The One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People Eater
Baptism Day - June 1991
Pinewood Derby - 1992
Many, many years of camping and hiking
Poor Dad was sick on the Sunday after your 12th birthday, but Grandpa was in town, so the bishop allowed your priesthood ordination to take place at home.
Camp Wolfboro - 1996
You went fishing in San Francisco Bay and caught a shark that was actually quite tasty, and your little brother's school class loved the shark-head for Show & Tell!
High School Sports - soccer, track and football
2000 - a very handsome high school senior!
2001 - Eagle Scout!
2001 - High School Graduation
2002 - Orlando Temple and grandparents
2002 to 2004 - Utah Salt Lake City South Mission
Fun times at BYU
2007 - Your 2nd BYU Graduation!
2007 - time to fall in love :)
2008 - I think you can figure this one out.
2010 - Yet another BYU Graduation - this time a double master's
2010 - Time for another 4-generation picture
2011 - You're an awesome husband and father!
2012 - and an awesome host as well.
2012 - Samuel's blessing day
2013 - All grown up, with a wonderful little family.
Enjoy all the special moments of today and the next 30 years.  We love you!!
P.S.  Just in case these weren't enough pictures, you can find more here and here!