Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Next Project

The pantry remodeling has been complete for a while, and some of the other projects were finished as well, so it was time to begin a new one.  This time we're fixing up the entry "coat" closet.  First step was to remove the existing shelf and putty the holes.

Then the closet got a fresh coat of paint.

Before the shelves can be installed, the wood needs to be prepared properly.  Here they're routing the edges of the support pieces so everything looks prettier.
Then they had to be sanded and painted.  It's also easier to install them if all the screws are pre-drilled.

Since we don't hang coats in our coat closet, we decided it would be nice to add a series of shelves along one side. We figure it will be a great place to store some of our music.
Now the shelves are all screwed in and we're ready for the next step, which is patching the screw holes, sanding and re-painting them.  I think putting in a rod (just in case we ever do want to hang a coat) comes next!

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Meg said...

So pretty! Who knew a closet could be called "pretty"? :) I'm looking forward to the days when we can do projects like this!