Monday, March 11, 2013

Some Crafty Projects

There have been some things I've wanted to try lately, and some March birthdays gave me an excuse to make them.

Remember when you visited your grandparents' house and the best spot was the toy cupboard?  Well, one of my favorite things in the toy cupboard was a mini wagon with puzzle blocks inside.  As I recall there were 12 1" blocks that combined to make six different pictures.  Anyway, it's been on my list to make one of my own for a while, and I finally got around to doing that.  I thought toddlers' fingers would handle 2" blocks better, so went that route.  Since I didn't want to deal with figuring out how to make a wagon, I decided to sew a little bag for carrying them.  I like the way they turned out, and hopefully they'll bring some fond memories to my own granddaughter as well.
I didn't plan ahead to do a full-blown tutorial, but that's not really the purpose of this blog.  All I did was purchase 2" blocks, paint them (each side was a different color, but that's not necessary), and then use modge podge to adhere the picture (which was cut into six pieces).  It probably would have turned out better if I had used 4x6" prints and made them go to the edge (then you wouldn't have to paint the blocks), but I thought having a border might make solving the puzzle easier for a toddler, and I also had some smaller prints to use as well.  Hope that helps!

One of the families we home teach each month had a daughter turning twelve and I thought it would be nice to take her something to recognize this important milestone.  However, I didn't have that thought with plenty of advance warning!  Then I remembered a Relief Society activity we had done years ago - YW Value Bracelets, and realized that would be perfect.  One of the advantages of trying many different things over the years is having a closet filled with stuff (treasures or junk - you decide).  
Anyway, I pulled out the "bead" box and was able to find the materials to make it work, which made me happy, and made K happy as well.
The other day I was visiting a cute little three-year-old and decided to see if the ribbon things (or Dancing Fairy Rings) I'd seen on Pinterest were any good.  The store I stopped at on the way didn't have wooden curtain rings, so we used plastic ones, but that worked.  And it IS fun to dance while waving ribbons.  AND they make a cool hair decoration as well for a beautiful princess.
The St. Patrick's Day version
For Christmas one of our granddaughter's requested an artist smock.  I couldn't find a pretty one in a toddler size in the store, so I made one instead.  I wanted to give the proper person credit, but today I can't find where I found the pattern!
It looked similar to this one, but without the pocket.
However, since it fit this precious little girl properly, I decided it would make a great gift for her younger cousin.  I hope she has just as much fun with it.  Even if she doesn't, I'm having fun going through the fabric stash and actually using some of it!

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Elizabeth said...

THe smock is awesome! It's so useful it's on my to-do list to make her a small apron for the kitchen, too, so we can leave one covered in paint and play dough and one covered in flour until laundry day.