Friday, April 20, 2012

The Pantry Re-Do

It's time to make a mess and start a new project.  Next up was the pantry.  I'm not sure who invented wire shelving, and I'm sure it serves a great purpose for some people, but I don't like it. Replacing it will be worth the piles on the kitchen counters for a while!
First step: set up the spare table and empty the shelves.
Second step: remove the old shelves.  Demolishing is always a fun part of the job!
Third step: repair the holes and prep for painting.
Fourth step: prime then paint.  No more ugly green, just the soft, matching gray.
Fifth step: buy some supplies.  We're trying poplar instead of pine (used in Michelle's closet) this time.
Last step (for now): cut out the pieces for the bottom shelf and try out your new "toy" - a router.  He did pretty well for a novice, although we did learn very quickly why the more expensive versions come with a mounting table!


Dave said...

Is it going to be open or have you just not put the doors back yet?

Meg said...

I was wondering the same as Dave. Looks great so far- I love that color of paint!

Becky said...

There will be a door, but we had to special order it, and it just hasn't arrived yet.