Friday, April 27, 2012

Getting All Dressed Up

When we picked the weekend to fly to Utah, we didn't realize it was the same weekend as the church prom.  We felt badly about missing the chance to see Michelle all dressed up, but fortunately her youth leaders took some pictures.  Thanks for being so understanding!
Even the hair style needs to be more than ordinary.

 Dressed up or not, you'll always be our beautiful princess!


Meg said...

Michelle what a beautiful dress! I love your hair! You are gorgeous. So sad that Prom was the same weekend as everything else- why does that always happen?

Elizabeth said...

So beautiful! I hope it was fun!

jenettew said...

I really love the dress! Very cute design~and a beautiful color! Did you make it Becky? And, did you, Michelle, do your hair with a flat iron? Sarah showed me a demo video how to make waves with the iron. Looks like it was a nice evening!

We$ said...

Is that really my little sister?!? WOW! What a knockout!