Friday, April 22, 2011

Week in Review

Hi Big Brothers! We wish you were here to help with all the celebrations and milestones. But since you're busy and happy leading your own eventful lives, here's just a taste of what we've been doing.Monday: National Chemistry Olympiad (qualifying test at Tampa University) followed by NHS Spirit Night at Beef O'Brady's.Wednesday: Steven missed his first day of school this year due to a miserable head cold. Sad.
Thursday: National Honor Society Induction Ceremony

Friday: Junior/Senior Prom with a finished dress.

Saturday: Chores, followed by a picnic at the park, followed by a wonderful Eagle Scout Court of HonorThanks to Grandpa for making the trip down to help us celebrate!
(More details on the Court of Honor will be coming later - after Spring Break.)


jenettew said...

The dress looks great! I was never able to buy a dress of the rack for prom either for any of my girls. I made each of them--6 dresses total. The other great thing about making a dress, is that no one else has the same dress! I remember my girls coming home and saying that there were duplicate dresses.

You guys have been very busy! We wish you could've been at the graduation as well. It was nice to meet Cody's family. We will see you at the baby's blessing though!

I will post some of my photos, probably in a few days, of the events of the shower and graduation. Hope you move is running smoothly.

Take care

Meg said...

The dress is beautiful! And how fun to have Grandpa there for the court of honor. Love you!

Belkycita said...

Oh the dress is gorgeous!! the colors are just wonderful, and the model is the perfect fit for the dress :-)
I really like the front of the dress, I might have to ask more questions about it.