Thursday, May 7, 2009

Odds and Ends

Week One Wrap-UpSteven's life hasn't been quite as exciting as his siblings', but that's okay. He likes it that way. He did not like having to prepare a poster/presentation for English, but at least he got to choose his own book - one from the Star Wars series. And his idea of "fun" was to spend the no-school holiday at school taking a practice AP exam. (Then he came home and played video games all afternoon.)Jeff's good buddy was home for just a day before leaving for his sister's wedding. Breakfast between the seminary drop-off/pick-up was the only time to hang out together. (K was on his way to a 6:30 AM interview.) We've kept Jeff busy this week by having him rip out some old bushes. The plan is to replace them with a "no thorns or prickles" variety next week. Anyone have any suggestions? Tuesday's big project was a "use the beans in your food storage" cooking class. To prepare for that we did a lot of experimenting. Feijoada was the favorite, and you can check out all the recipes we tried on the recipe blog.

Last night was the Senior Send-Off for Mutual. Tonight Wayne has a meeting which conflicts with Michelle's chorus banquet/concert. And that wraps up week one of May. On to the rest of the month!

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Beckstrand7 said...

Wow, I was so behind reading your was fun to catch up. I just love your family. I'm a bit bummed that we don't get to host your kids much - grandparents definitely have dibs! Love you.