Friday, April 10, 2009

"Made Especially for You"

Flashback Friday
More Memories of Grandmother
It's Spring Break and we're keeping busy today, but here's another one of my favorite Grandmother Beckstrand memories. She was always busy, too, and loved to crochet. The best part about it was that her grandchildren were the recipients of her work! She even had labels made that said "Made especially for you by Grandmother B" which she sewed into her creations.In 1977 all the "girl" cousins received hats and scarves for Christmas. (If you'd been born, Karyn, I'm sure you'd have received one too!)
As soon as each grandchild was born, she started an afghan for them. I think the original idea was to give them as wedding gifts. However, one year she decided she was tired of storing them in her closet and she passed them all out at once. I love mine! And every day when I make my bed, I remember Grandmother and am thankful for her influence in my life.


Delirious said...

That's so nice. My grandmother made hand painted baby quilts for newbords, and quilted tricot quilts for graduations and weddings. We all love them.

Melissa said...

This brings back memories for me too Becky! One thing a child can use growing up in Maine is mittens! My Grandmother spent the summers each year knitting all of the Grandchildren a pair and a hat or scarf to match. Later as we started our own households, the girls were able to pick a doily from her special doily box! Grandmothers are so special!