Saturday, February 28, 2009

February's UFOs Update

The list is still incredibly long, but I was able to cross off a few things this month:
  • clean out the video game corner (thanks to a day off from school)
  • move the refrigerator and stove and wash the floor underneath
  • couple of mending jobs
  • go through old New Eras for articles/pictures/music to file before throwing them away
  • and this month the laundry counter got cleared off again, and then stayed that way.
(I feel like making a sign with "___ days without clutter" - like the "___ days without an accident" signs that you see in factories!)
So, does anyone else want to report? And, yes, finishing reading a book counts!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Temple Open House

Flashback Friday
Temple Open House Visits

My cousin posted about their family's visit to the Draper Temple during the currently running open house and that reminded me of when I was able to tour the Jordan River Temple during its open house.
This happened during my sophomore year at BYU and we used it as a great excuse to get together with my freshman year roommates. Although I had already decided that I was only going to get married in the temple, when I saw the Bride's Room in particular, but also all the other rooms, my decision was only solidified more. (I was a touch disappointed that the Oakland Temple Bride's Room wasn't quite as ornate as the one in Jordan River!)
Several years later we were in Oregon for a family reunion and were able to tour the Portland Temple. (My scanner isn't working right now, so the picture of three cute little boys will have to wait.) However, just like all the other ones, this temple is gorgeous inside and out. I was looking forward to taking all six children through the Bountiful Temple, but we moved to California just before it was ready. Maybe our family vacation to Utah this summer will coincide with the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house and we can take advantage of that opportunity then.
I think one of the reasons I enjoy being inside the temple so much is it reminds me of the way I'd like my living room to look. Maybe some day! (This last picture is the Draper Celestial Room.)

He did it!

Jeff reached his goal. For more details, check out his own post.

And since we at home were a touched confused by the use of the word "gallant" I decided to look it up. Here are the definitions:

Smartly or boldly stylish; dashing.
Unflinching in battle or action; valiant.
Nobly or selflessly resolute.
Courteously attentive especially to women; chivalrous.
Flirtatious; amorous.
Stately; majestic.
A fashionable young man.
A man courteously attentive to women.
A woman's lover; a paramour.

We hope Jeff isn't a flirtatious paramour (although he should be courteous and chivalrous and asking young ladies out on dates!) but he is definitely dashing and valiant and resolute, so I guess the description works.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Favorite FHE revisited

Memorable Monday Moments

Because I'm drawing a blank today on a FHE memory to share, I asked Steven to tell me his favorite. First he said, "I can't remember any," but then he said, "Oh, yeah, playing Sardines." Since I noticed that this is the anniversary of Jeff's championship game, it sounded like a good idea to reprint today's Family Almanac card:

~~February 23~~
1984: Weston stands alone
1997: to San Jose with Wayne - 3 days peace & quiet! (I got to tag along on a business trip.)
2003: David's Eagle Court of Honor - Beckstrand's visit
2004: Jeff stumps family in game of Sardines (and we still don't know his hiding spot!)

For our lesson tonight we reviewed our last stake conference, which had a theme of developing unity - starting in our families - so that we can build Zion. And I was also reminded that a few years ago our mission president's wife spoke in stake conference on the importance of building family unity. Their favorite family game was Sardines, and Sister Hutchins had the champion hiding place - on top of the refrigerator!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Officially Completed!

The shed is done.
It passed the building inspection.
The lawn mowers were moved in last Saturday.
Now it's time to move onto something else.
Wayne added a couple of "shelves" just below the rafters.Even though they were just about finished, his helpers were still less than excited.
Plenty of room for yard tools and the lawnmower.
I guess I should take a "final" picture with the doors closed.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Edible Lighthouse

I know Allison took her own pictures and will post them, but this is for all the people who don't know Allison. Isn't she creative? She'll say she just took the idea from somebody else's internet post, but I say she still did all the work. We are so blessed that Michelle has such wonderful Young Women leaders!

In case you haven't guessed, this week was New Beginnings - a special evening where they explain how Mutual and Personal Progress are supposed to work to the girls that will turn 12 this year. And it's a great review for the older girls and their parents. The program turned out beautifully. Wayne even noticed that his little girl isn't a little girl anymore!

The whole lighthouse scene was edible, even the writing on the plastic tablecloth was chocolate frosting. The "sand" is brown sugar and graham cracker crumbs. The lighthouse is made out of rice krispy treats cut in graduated circles, held together with a skewer, and decorated with chocolate frosting. The cabins are made out of graham crackers and frosting. The "rocks and boulders" are donut holes, miniature cream puffs, brownie balls, whoppers and chocolate covered raisins. Allison covered 5 plates with brown paper (not edible!) and stacked them to form the foundation. When it was time to eat, she brought out melted chocolate so those who wanted to could dip their "rocks" in it.

Music in Elementary School

Flashback Friday

Playing an instrument

I spent most of last Friday with Michelle at "Solo and Ensemble" - a program put on by our school district where the students have a chance to sing before an adjudicator, either alone or in a group. Michelle caught Steven's head cold on Thursday, so was feeling kind of miserable, but she sang anyway and overall it was a good experience. And it reminded me that I ought to inform my kids that I (at least at one time) know how to play more than just the piano and organ.

In our school district, you could choose to learn how to play an instrument once you were in 4th grade. So, I picked the clarinet, just like my best friend. We had fun getting out of class for 30 minutes once a week (or whatever it was.) After a few weeks had passed, the music teacher told me I was progressing nicely and that there was a school-owned oboe not being used that I could try if I wanted.

So, I did. The main difference between the oboe and clarinet is the difference in reeds - the clarinet has a single reed and the oboe has a double reed. Apparently, the double reed is harder to play. I imagine I caused my parents many headaches from my squeaking, but eventually I got the hang of it. It was kind of fun playing a "different" instrument. (There aren't very many oboe players in elementary school.) I continued playing the oboe in band until the end of 8th grade, when we moved and I had to turn it back into the school district.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What's on Your Sundae?

Last night the Teacher's Quorum was in charge of the combined activity. They did a great job of planning it and it turned out great. I thought the big brothers might enjoy adapting it for a college FHE activity. (They came up with the idea by googling "mutual activities" and selecting something from the numerous lists.)

They started the evening by talking about the Articles of Faith, and spent time (about 30 mintues) reviewing them. Then each person was given a check-off card and they went around to the leaders and recited by memory all that they could. If they did it word perfect, the leader initialed the proper space on the card. When everyone was done with that, they pulled out the "key" and started scooping up ice cream sundaes. Each Article of Faith represented a different sundae ingredient. Here's their list:

1 - bowl, 2 - spoon, 3 - root beer, 4 - whipped cream, 5 - vanilla ice cream, 6 - sprinkles, 7 - chocolate ice cream, 8 - oreo crumbs, 9 - chocolate syrup, 10 - banana, 11 - nuts, 12 - caramel sauce, 13 - cherry

The kids didn't know ahead of time what went with what, so if they didn't pass off #5 or #7, but did pass off #1 and #4, they got a bowl of whipped cream, but no ice cream. I'm told most of them passed off everything, which was the whole point! And they had fun too.

The Teacher's Quorum was pleased with the results :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Things I Finished in January

I love January because I always feel so motivated to make progress on my New Year's Resolutions! The trick is to continue it throughout the year. As mentioned earlier, this year I'm trying to be a Finisher. So, here are the UFO's that I was able to check off in January.
  • sewed a button on Wayne's shirt (and bought a package of buttons so next time it can get done right away)
  • delivered some books to a friend (duplicates discovered when cleaning out bookshelves last summer)
  • cleaned and organized the pantry, which included mopping the floor
  • rotated the food in the 72 hour kits

(the old, outdated food which the kids get to eat for school lunch!) (fresh, new food)

I'll admit the last two were motivated by preparations for a Relief Society class on food storage which will be here on Tuesday, but that still counts. I've wanted to do them for a while, and now I don't have to worry about them for at least several more months! So, does anyone else want to share what they did so we can all shout "Good for you!"?

Remember my messy laundry room counter on New Year's Day? Well, it did get cleared off once, but this is what it looks like now, so I guess it's still on the list!