Monday, January 26, 2009

Challenges from the Stake

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At our stake conference in January 2005, everyone was challenged to teach the specific gospel principles from chapter 3 of Preach My Gospel in family home evening that year. It would have worked to do them in order, and the logical, sequential, members of the family would have preferred that. However, we went with the intuitive, "what does the family need this week" method. So, we jumped around, and sometimes combined several into one lesson, but we did cover all of the following topics:

God is our loving Heavenly Father
The gospel blesses families
Gospel dispensations
The Savior's earthly ministry
The Great Apostasy
The Restoration: Joseph Smith
The Book of Mormon
Prayer and the Holy Ghost
Pre-earth life
The creation
Agency and the Fall
Our life on earth
The Atonement
The spirit world
Resurrection, judgment, and immortality
Cleansed from sin
Faith in Jesus Christ
The gift of the Holy Ghost
Endure to the end
Pray often
Study the scirptures
Keep the Sabbath day holy
Baptism and confirmation
Follow the prophet
Keep the Ten Commandments
Live the law of chastity
Obey the Word of Wisdom
Keep the law of tithing
Observe the law of the fast
How to donate tithes and offerings
Obey and honor the law of the land
Priesthood auxiliaries
Missionary work
Eternal marriage
Temples and family history
Endure to the end (again!)
That was a few years ago. After he left on his mission, Elder Brad challenged his younger brothers to work together and teach them again as a companionship. This time they went from beginning to end (although we didn't make it to the end before Jeff left for college). Those were some memorable lessons as the "baton" would pass from "Elder Jeff" to "Elder Steven" and back after each little section. I'm not sure how spiritual the lessons were, but I have full confidence that these future missionaries will remember the FHE teaching experience on their actual missions.


Beckstrand7 said...

Thank you for saving me the trouble of compiling that list. I needed that!

Flukester said...

Thanks for the Christmas newsletter. I haven't heard Joseph laugh that hard in a long time! :) It's fun to keep updated with a family we loved so much! Tell your boys hi for Joseph!