Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas is Coming #9

1991This year Weston and David thought they were too old to believe in Santa Claus. They were mighty disappointed when he didn't leave them any gifts. Fortunately, Dad discovered an envelope hiding in the Christmas tree. Here's what it said:
Christmas Eve 1991

Dear Weston & David,

My elves told me that you didn't believe in Santa Claus much anymore. The news disappointed me so much that I almost didn't bring you any presents.
I thought I would give you one last chance. If you truly believe in Santa, say “I believe in Santa” three times and my magical powers will cause your present to appear in a secret place. I will send you on a treasure hunt to find it. This treasure hunt is magic. The more you believe, the fewer clues there will be, and you will get to your present faster. The less you believe, I will make more clues which will make it difficult for your and you may not find your present.

Go to the vacuum closet for your first clue. I hope you truly believe, because it is a great present.

Love, Santa
P.S. It wasn’t very nice of you to make me step in all those cookies. I almost spilled the milk too. You better not do it next year, or I may not come back.

Weston and David ran to the vacuum closet chanting "I believe in Santa, I believe in Santa" but just found another note. They were sent to a couple more places and then the closet in the master bedroom where they found this note taped to a couple of empty bicycle boxes:
I guess you didn't believe enough. They disappeared again. But if you say "I believe in Santa" three times, you might find your present in the garage. Love, Santa
They must have finally convinced Santa that they believed in him, because their new bikes magically appeared in the garage! Ask them today, and they'll still be able to convince you that they believe in Santa Claus.


lrbodine said...

That's a great idea for the non-believers! Santa sent us on a few scavengers hunts in our house when we were older for the family gifts. Always fun!

Dave Whitaker said...

I've always wondered if you still had the original note! I guess you do! I have told that story dozens of times... many many times on my mission when teaching about faith, and I even used it in the last talk I gave in church. Now, I can be more accurate when I tell it! YESSSSS!!

Harlene said...

You are such great parents!!! i love that idea, and I love reading about your family and getting to know you better, Becky!

Some day let's do lunch!